The Innovative Global Energy Solutions Center

Welcome to The Innovative Global Energy Solutions Center (igesc), bringing electricity, water and information technology to the off-grid places in the world.


Prototyping Remote Communities of Tomorrow

An integrated, systems-based approach that provides sustainable solutions: igesc is a system to provide affordable energy, water, and IT solutions to a village setting in rural regions leading to opportunities for economic development and improvements in public health.


igesc's inaugural target - Turkana Basin Inistitute (TBI's), Kenya, Africa -  a region analogous to Antarctic research stations in terms of opening the region to the scientific community. TBI's physical and IT infrastructures are inadequate to host a year-round population of 100 people. e-TBI can immediately help rural villages in Sub-Saharan Africa, and beyond.


The number of cell phones being used is rapidly approaching the number of humans in the world. Inspired by cell phones, e-TBI will provide rural areas in developing countries with new technologies that generate and store electricity locally.

Impact to Africa: igesc will offer the foundation for everlasting energy solutions to the over 600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa without electricity.

The Innovative Global Energy Solutions Center, through technological

advancement, education, and the pursuit of economic development,

is empowering people to help themselves.